About Jeff Davidson Music

The man behind the music has more than 30 years of experience, 25 of those years Jeff Davidson spent as an entertainer for the Flint Hills Overland Wagon Train. In the historical setting of wagon trains, he developed the idea of using historical western (notably Kansas) events to introduce the songs he sang. Soon, he was giving unique presentations of Kansas history and songs as entertainment for a variety of meetings and events.

Computer technology allowed the addition of pictures that match with song lyrics to add visual appeal to the presentations. He uses classic Western songs, folk tunes, and original compositions to highlight the significant historical events that lead Kansas into statehood.

Jeff also works as a watershed specialist for Kansas State University. Education has been a big part of his life, and there is an educational component to his presentations of Kansas history. He is married to Kelley and has two grown children.

Jeff Davidson


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Entertaining & Educating in the State of Kansas 


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