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When God made man, he seemed to think it best, to make him in the East, and let him travel West.

History is anything but boring when Jeff Davidson teaches it. This gifted musician uses words and song to tell the tale of the Old West. From Jeff Davidson Music, you learn Western history education through musical performance, complete with narration.

Jeff entertains with lyrical lessons about the role the Old West played in shaping the U.S. economy, ideology, and heroism. He's a popular and frequent guest for all those who love this period of our history, from children to senior citizens. He performs throughout the State of Kansas, but don't worry if you don't live close. Order one of his CDs to learn history through song.


Western History on CD

Sing along as Jeff Davidson shares the history of the Old West.

A Musical Sample

Listen as Jeff performs the Ozark Mountain Melody.

The Words to the Songs

Learn Old West tunes by heart and history in your head.


Hear Western favorites, as well as melodies Jeff wrote, in his history lessons.

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Your Musical History Lesson

The West was host to early explorers that traversed parched plains as they explored the vast Louisiana Purchase. It beckoned to the traders on the Santa Fe Trail and the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The West did not escape the heartbreak of the Civil War, but the post-war cattle drives created the greatest American hero and the symbol of the West — the Cowboy.

You travel with Jeff and his multimedia presentation through Western history, from the time of Coronado to the end of the 1800s. You traipse the Plains with early explorers, drive spikes on the first railways, plow in new ground, ride for the Pony Express, and stop a stampeding herd. Sit back and take a deep seat — the "winning of the West" was not for the faint of heart.

Schedule a musical history lesson with a singer who croons the tales of the West — Jeff Davidson.


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