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     Combining a unique blend of songs, historical facts, and pictures, Jeff Davidson revists the history of the west and its tremendous influence on the shaping of the U.S. economy, ideology and heroism.

     The west was host to early explorers who traversed through parched plains as they explored the vast Louisiana purchase.  It beckoned to the traders on the Santa Fe Trail, and to the pioneers on the Oregon Trail.   The West did not escape the heartbreak of the Civil War, but the post war cattle drives created the greatest American hero - and the symbol of the west - the cowboy.

     Jeff Davidson's presentation leads audiences through the history of the west, from the time of Coronado to the end of the 1800's.  You will traipse the plains with early explorers, drive spikes on the first railways, plow in new ground, ride for the Pony Express and stop a stampeding herd.  Set back and take a deep seat - the "winnin' of the west" was not for the faint of heart.


    "When God made man, he seemed to think it best, to make him in the east, and let him travel west."


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